Sip on some wine, guided acrylics on canvas

The Artist xandria moschella

Get Arty! 

Locally owned & Independent

I’m a child of the 80’s. Remember when helmets were not compulsory? We could ride in the back of the ute without fear of “going to jail”. Climbing a tree was encouraged. We could do cart-wheels and handstands at school. Life was care-free and technology was not a daily news item.

I grew up amongst the cane paddocks of North Queensland, enjoying everything the outdoors had to offer. I remember hot humid nights, tropical thunderstorms, rich green rainforests, deep blue oceans and the glorious creatures that inhabit these places. I have a creative personality and a desire to express thoughts and feelings using art. Of course nature has come to be my biggest influence and is the core of most of my works.

Being naturally creative and expessive, the right side of my brain was forever active. I have followed an ever-evolving path, exploring dance, theatre, art, cooking and gardening.

I started my first job at age 11, in a family friends' cafe. I was exposed to a "work hard" mentality and I loved it! Hospitality is another joy in my life. I love being around people and bringing them joy by listening to their stories and sharing mine. Since then, I have always managed to find work where I can share my enthusiastic personality and make people smile.

After finishing school, I completed studies in Children's Services. I then graduated with Honours from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Visual Arts. I majored in print-making, painting and drawing.  With the formal training adding to my natural talent, I started exhibiting and taking commissions, while continuing to evolve my own individual style.

I now share life with my husband and 2 dogs on a glorious piece of the Sunshine Coast. We have space and trees and wildlife. Inspiration surrounds me.

I am combining my passion for art with my love for sharing and interacting with the community. Even though I've been creative for a long time, its only been in the last year that I’ve found my art has become a source of healing for me.

I was created to create.

I love chasing what makes me feel the sun from the inside out.

Filled with inspiration, ideas and the need to share my passions and empower people, I created "Soulnook Art".  

I've found my purpose and would love for you to join me.

Let me help you find that creative bone, it does exist!

Connection, Community, Creating